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We represent landowners throughout New Jersey, including corporations, farmers, and individual homeowners. If you are in the middle of construction and you have run into environmental laws that have halted your project, we can help you find a solution. Handling a variety of real estate, construction, and environmental law concerns, we understand the desire to maintain a safe environment, but various parties do not always agree on how to reach that goal or how to weigh the rights of property owners with competing interests and governmental regulations in cases such as:

- If your property rights are being significantly impacted by new laws on land development.
- If your economic interest is or would be seriously affected by compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
- If, during the normal course of business, land contamination, water contamination, or air pollution have occurred but you and other affected parties are not able to reach agreement on resolution.

In such cases, you need the help of an experienced environmental litigation lawyer. At Kurkowski Law we protect the rights of property owners-individual owners, land developers, businesses, associations and governmental agencies-who are the subject of environmental litigation or seeking redress in court.

Environmental litigation attorney Susan Kurkowski represents clients throughout New Jersey in state regulatory matters and appeals court cases. Ms. Kurkowski is former Editor-in-Chief of the New York University School of Law Environmental Law Journal.

If your land was contaminated by polluters or neighboring landowners you could have property damage. We can represent you in making civil trespass, nuisance, negligence, and other claims to obtain compensation for your damages. If property contamination claims are brought against you, we have the expertise to defend you and obtain insurance coverage if it is available.

Community & Public Interest Lawsuits

When the government lacks the will or the resources to enforce the law, our experience in environmental litigation makes us well suited to represent public interest and community groups and individuals acting in the public interest in pursuing injunctions, civil penalties, and other relief for violations of environmental statutes and regulations. Contact Susan Kurkowskifor a free consultation at (609)-884-1788.



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